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Meche Salon Located at 8943 Manchester Rd, Brentwood Mo. 63114. Meche Salon offers various high end beauty services such as, hair extensions, smoothing systems, make up, facials, skin tightening, hair removal, and many more.

Our mission is consistently bring you the latest ideas and trends in beauty with keeping the health of our clients and the environment in mind.



Julie Agles

Julie has been in the beauty industry since 1989 Salon owner since 1997.  Born and raised in Washington, MO, she feels humbled by her beginnings of the small town in which she grew up, believing in family & a strong work ethic that has contributed to her success. Julie  loves to continue her education. She is certified in many hair extension services that include Hairdreams Hair. She has expanded her extension services to Naples Florida. Makes her happy to go into the salon because she loves what she does Making people feel and look great!  Married to her Husband Steve Agles and they have one child Blaine. They all love fun in the sun.



Jacquilynn Layman

Jacquilynn also goes by Jaci. She has been with Meche for almost 2 years learning as an associate under Julie. She is originally from Florida, has lived in North Carolina, and for the past 4 years her dance company brought her to St. Louis.

At a young age, Jaci always new she was destined for a career in the arts. Performing with others and for others has been a talent that comes natural, but not without hard work and perseverance. Dancing like many art forms has left Jaci wanting more financial freedom & stability. This is when she went back to school to make her 8 year old childhood Barbie doll haircuts a reality and in 2014 received her license for cosmetology and makeup application.

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