The number of cases for hair thinning and hair loss continue to increase each year; this not only applies to the older population but also with the younger generation. This is a major psychological problem especially for women.

Hairdreams experts recognized this problem already in the 90s and developed the patented MicroLines hair thickening systems – with the goal to give these women a new zest for life.  The patented New MicroLines hair thickeners, that are placed on the top of the head, feature a micro-fine net that has a high quality, premium 100% real hair knotting technique and is invisibly integrated into one‘s own hair. Unlike with standard hair pieces and wigs, the added Hairdreams hair will become “one” with one’s own hair. MicroLines hair thickeners are worn permanently and allow for a normal, active lifestyle which may include sports, dancing and swimming. Plus, they feel just like one’s own natural hair.  These unique features have made MicroLines the most successful and most popular professional hair thickening system in the world.

There are several refinements in the newly optimized Hairdreams MicroLines System. Numerous improvements come from hands-on experience and insights from long standing MicroLines salon partners. Hairdreams worked very closely with its partners in order to perfect the system, making it even easier to use while helping to fulfill any type of client requests.

A key to achieving the ultimate client satisfaction is the Hairdreams Tailormade Service, which means that the MicroLines pieces are made to order and produced manually in the Hairdreams manufacturing facilities. Experienced experts work meticulously to produce customized, hand-crafted hair thickening pieces providing the ideal solution for any given hair situation and desired hair styles. With Hairdreams, “impossible is not an option!“  What’s more, a new order App and an advanced logistic process guarantee that these customized pieces are being made in record time – no more long waiting periods!

NEW Hairdreams MicroLines Selection offers even more models to choose from.

Hairdreams breaks new ground with the new MicroLines Selection, offering a unique variety of more than 130 different pre-produced types of MicroLines for immediate in-stock availability. Instead of conventional, rigid, standard assortments, the future now lies in Hairdreams MicroLines Selection. As a commitment to the changing needs and customer requests, the product selection will be continuously updated to meet the demands of color, length etc..

The “MicroLines Selection” offers a wide selection of new products.  For example, a new 40 cm long hair thickening system in affordable 5-Star Hair quality with Push-up Effect combines the client‘s wish for maximum length and fullness with the ultimate solution for price sensitive clients who want value at the best price. New thickening systems in 20 cm length are perfect to fulfill the fuller hair desires for clients with shorter hairstyles. For those who prefer the latest looks, there are new trendy “Root Shadow“ colors that feature shades with a perfectly natural, color graduation from darker roots to lighter ends. All models are available with either permanent or temporary attachments. An amazing selection that‘s only available from Hairdreams!

The new generation of MicroLines offers clients with thinning hair a solid, viable solution. “There is an incredible amount of experience and Know How that goes into each MicroLines Hair thickening piece”, says Sandra Schmidbauer, Hairdreams Head of Education.  “It is really important, since it’s the sum of all the experiences and the many little details that make the difference and allow for the perfect hairstyle in every situation, while providing unique, comfortable and safe wear for the clients! Application in the salon has also become much easier, faster and safer.  This makes it easier for stylists who are new to the system to familiarize themselves quicker with it and get more clients excited about it“.

Hairdreams supports its MicroLines salon partners with extensive promotional programs that span across a multitude of media channels, innovative online consultations for the salons and much more. Stylists who are interested and ready to introduce Hairdreams MicroLines to their clients will be offered attractive start kit options. Learn more at Hairdreams Microlines.