Hello everyone! Since the new year 2019 already started, let´s talk about some beauty trends, shall we?. Especially those which are connected to hair. Yes, in today´s article we will not be talking about anything else than about the hottest and the most stylish hairstyles of 2019 to get this year in case you would like to become a trendy hair queen.

It does not matter if you prefer short or long hair. Everybody will find something which suits their taste. But wait! Let´s give it a deeper thought, though. Is not this year the one, which you would like to finally take the risks and change something in? Maybe this year is the RIGHT ONE which will be memorable for you. And maybe it will be thanks to your new hairstyle! You never know ? That is why if you just love to experiment, this newest article is definitely for you! If you would like to see the hottest hairstyle trends of 2019, let´s continue reading the article. Shall we start?

Source: Nexter

Something for the short hair lovers – Shoulder, or other words, a jawline bob

To be honest, this kind of the hairstyle has been getting a lot of attention during the past few years. Nowadays, it is very commonly seen almost everywhere, regardless the season of the year. With this kind of hair, you do not have to be afraid of getting them into your face when it is windy outside. You do not even have to think about styling them too much as well. They are easy, especially for the „to-go“ effect. If you do not like the ordinary straight hair, try curling them a bit and create those fancy beach curls! Who cares it is still winter, right?! You go, girl!

The preferred colour is dark brown or dirty blond, but even the dark brown – blonde ombré will be great too! In case you already have this kind of hair, we recommend you to refresh it with some kind of a fringe. Fringe bob is very popular as well. You will see yourself that even cutting a few centimetres will make a huge difference! If you do not feel like getting fringe at all, try to comb the fringe to your preferred side. Try something new, the middle part is already getting boring!

Source: Steal the Look

Something for the longer fringe lovers – Falling curtain bags

If you are one of those people who are truly fond of the retro style, you will just love this hairstyle style trend! Falling curtain bangs are not anything else than basically the longer bangs which smoothly „fall“ on the sides of your face. It should make a really smooth transition which is also which it is called „curtain bangs“. This kind of a fringe will suit most of the hair lengths. If you are not absolutely decided if you want to cut your whole-bang fringe, we recommend you to try this look first! Then you can decide if you want to go further or rather not ? Also, just imagine it with some kind of up-do styling! This way you will become a true retro fashion queen in a whim! And do not forget, that the proper fringe with the bangs which suit your face can give you an instant „plastic surgery“. You can easily change your face frame with something so simple! Just give it a thought.

Source: Refinery29

Bring summer to your life already – immortal and very effective beach curls

Are you already sick and bored of the ordinary straight hair but you do not want to curl them every single day as well? Very well! For those of you who have the same way of thinking, we bring another trend – immortal beach waves which are basically soft waves falling down. Very simple yet very effective in case you are already tired of your everyday hair styling. It is not very hard to maintain too. If you have never ever tried this before, we highly recommend doing so now.

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My Little Pony .. Nope! We meant high ponytail!

Are you the woman who does not like loose hair? Do you rather want to feel more comfortable with them being tied? You are more than welcome to do so! High ponytails are a huge trend of 2019 right now. If you are not familiar with the only one, let´s try something a bit crazier and cute – high ponytails. If you will not be wearing them outside, you at least bring back some memories from your childhood, haha.

Source: Glowsly

Glam it up!

Yep! We mean nothing else but accessories! The bigger, the better. The shinier, the better! Roses, flowers, headbands, rhinestones, hair pins, hair ties and even more. The collection is sooo huge that you will definitely not stay using the only one. For those of you who do not like their hair to fall into their faces, accessories can do the both – they can easily take them away from your face and they can freshen your hairstyle in the same time too.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Swept it on your favorite side, girl!

Since we already mentioned the swept jawline bob, let´s sweep a bit more. The hairstyle with the part of hair swept to the left or right have been getting a lot of attention recently. And we definitely know why. Because they are just stylish, just amazing, just perfect! If you do not feel comfortable with your current state of the hair, changing the fringe or bangs direction can help you to bring something fresh to your life. And you do even not have to go to your hairstylist! You can try it out at home, right in front of your mirror. Have you decided yet? Which will be your side then – left or right? ?

These were definitely the ones of the hottest hairstyles of 2019. What do you think about them? Do you like them? Would you like to try some? Which one is your favorite one? Do not hesitate and share your opinion in the comments down below.